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UL Launches Listed Class P LED Driver

Release time:2018-05-19 18:49:40

LED drivers play an important role in LED lamps as their "heart". Following Recognized Type TL LED Driver, the assessment and testing guidelines on Listed Class P LED Driver was released by UL. The requirement for temperature parameters is first removed from UL8750 standard and the connection between LED drivers and LED lamps in mechanical and electrical sectors became the main concern to achieve flexible substitution of LED drivers of different models to a larger extent.

Standard-Tech will keep an eye on the dynamics of UL standard concerning Class P LED Driver and related technical seminar will be organized after Spring Festival. 

Main Differences between Class P LED Driver and Type TL LED Driver :

Type TL LED Driver 
1) Recognized LED Drivers, as parts and components  
2) Focus on Tref value 
3) Take temperature parameters into consideration and focus on the temperature of LED driver and its internal components at the same time
4) Temperature parameters are utilized to ensure the temperature of internal parts and components not exceeding defined temperature as well as the reliability and life of power supply
5) Manufacturers' selection of replacement drivers depends on temperature. 

Class P LED Driver
1) Listed LED Drivers, as finished products 
2) Take no account of temperature parameters 
3) In the event of failure, the safety of power supply depends more on the safety of components
4) Set aside temperature parameters for more flexible selection of replacement power supply 
5) Set aside temperature parameters for superior market competitiveness. So far, some manufacturers have applied.

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