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Radio frequency testing and authentication

radio frequency test and authentication
The wireless spectrum resource is a very limited and valuable resource. Most countries or regions in the world make mandatory regulations and regulations on the effective use of spectrum resources for the wireless products entering the country or region. The product must prove to be in the market after it is in conformity with the relevant requirements.
In order to meet the needs of the vast number of enterprises, the Research Institute, on the basis of existing EMC equipment, is equipped with frequency analyzer, power meter, microwave signal source, filter, high frequency microwave amplifier, power divider and other radio frequency testing equipment. It can provide testing and certification of RF products in the following countries or regions for the majority of wireless production enterprises:

national or regional test standard overlay product
FCC ID authentication
FCC PART 15C; FCC PART 15E; FCC PART PART; "22"; "24"; "74"; "90"; " Bluetooth products; WI-FI products;
Short distance wireless products such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and wireless remote control; RFID; Zigbee;
Wireless microphone; walkie talkie; vehicle FM transmitter; vehicle radar; UWB; 3G terminal products; wireless monitoring equipment.
R& TTE authentication
EN300 328; EN300 220; EN300 330; EN300 440; EN301 357; EN300 422; EN302 208; EN302 291; EN300
IC authentication
RSS-210; RSS-119; RSS-118; RSS-131; RSS-133
C-TICK authentication
AS/NZS 4268:2008
SRRC authentication
the letter department has no [2002] 353; the letter department does not have [2005]423 number
JRL (Telec) authentication
Japanese radio wave method; ARIB STD-T66, ARIB STD-T93; ARIB STD-T91; ARIB-STD-T81

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