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CEC certification in California, USA

NTC is a professional testing service dedicated to Chinese enterprises to obtain domestic and international certification. It is the most professional lighting product testing service provider in China. It can carry out the security and energy efficiency certification services of the global lighting products.


We are EPA accreditation laboratory, NVLAP accreditation laboratory, can help your lighting products more efficient to obtain energy star logo, DLC accreditation and other energy efficiency certification, in line with the North American market access, to improve the market competitiveness. With the increasing attention of North American consumers to global climate change and high energy cost, the demand for low energy and zero pollution electronic products in the market has also increased rapidly. DLC (Design Lighting Consortium) luminaire Design Alliance, a utility company and a regional energy efficiency organization cooperation agency, is in the leading position in the certification of high energy efficiency lighting quality and performance. DLC is a voluntary energy efficiency program launched by the United States NEEP (Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, northeastern energy efficiency cooperation), which aims to improve the energy efficiency of commercial building lighting.

Professional accreditation energy efficiency test laboratory
EPA Energy Star test laboratory approved by the US
NVLAP accreditation laboratory in the United States Our lighting product energy efficiency test laboratory, with complete equipment and senior engineering team, has formed a complete set of service systems with rich experience, and has gained the accreditation of authority:
EAP recognised Energy Star Test Laboratory (EPA ID #1139582)
NVLAP accredited laboratory (code #600150-0)
DLC, Lighting Facts accreditation Laboratory

Our test report can be widely used in the North American market and has successfully helped hundreds of LED manufacturers to obtain energy efficiency certification, such as energy star, DLC, Lighting Facts Label, etc.
Service advantage:
Convenient testing of local laboratories, widely recognized in North American market.
The test and report can be completed in the first 1 weeks, except for long term testing.
Energy Star CB audits the fastest 3 working days
North American energy efficiency and EU energy efficiency can be tested
Product range:
DLC mainly includes high performance commercial solid-state lighting that is not covered by the "Energy Star" standard, which is no longer recognized for products already in the energy star range. Including: LED panel lamp, LED line lamp, LED corn lamp, LED grid lamp, LED lamp tube, LED wall lamp, LED street lamp, LED industrial and mining lamp, LED floodlight, LED garage lamp, LED replacement parts and so on.