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FCC Certification

How to get FCC certificate
First,introduction of FCC.
FCC(Federal Communications Commission) ,an independent organization of the U.S. government ,was founded by COMMUNICATIONAC in 1934,directly responsible to Congress.FCC coordinated domestic and international communication through radio broadcasting,TV,telecom,satellite,and electric cable.FCC involves more than 50 American states,Colombia,and the United States district.To ensure the safety of products related to life and property,like wireless products and wire communication products,FCC`s Office of Engineering and Technology is responsible for technical support,as well as the affairs of equipment qualification.Many radio application products,communication products,and digital products want to enter American market, FCC approval is required.The FCC committee investigate and research the various stages of product safety to find out the best way to solve problems.FCC testing includes radio device and air vehicle as well.
In order to make more efficient use of spectrum resource,FCC developed technical standards for radio frequency devices,for most electronic and electrical products,mainly FCC part 15 and FCC part 18,such as computer,fax machine,electronic device,radio reception and transmission equipment,wireless remote control toys,telephone,personal compter,and other products maybe harmful to life.If these products want to enter USA,they must be tested according to FCC technical standards and approved by the government authorized laboratory.Importer and customs agent need to declare each radio frequency device meets the FCC standards,namely FCC certificate.
Second,how to get FCC certificate.
There are three certification modules for different products,they are Certification,Declaration of Conformity(DoC),Verification.Their methods and procedures have bigger difference,different products can choose alternative methods ruled in FCC regulations.Their strict degree is on the decrease.FCC committee also has related requirements for each laboratory aimed at these three modules.
Third,FCC certification module.
1.Certification:importer and manufacturer conduct necessary tests on their products to confirm products comply with the relevant technical standards and reserve the test data.FCC has the right to require the manufacturer to submit samples and test data.Products suitable for certification include lamps,lighting etc.
2.Declaration of Conformity(DoC):importer and manufacturer conduct tests in the qualified testing organization appointed by FCC to confirm products comply with the relevant technical standards and reserve the test data.FCC has the right to require the manufacturer to submit samples and test data.Products suitable for Declaration of Conformity include home computer and accessories,printer and fax machine.
3.Verification:review the samples and test data submitted by applicant,if they are accord with FCC requirements,applicant will be authorized a FCC ID No.Products suitable for Verification include RF Remote Control,RF detector,cordless phone,wireless doorbell,wireless walkie-talkie,wireless router etc.
Fourth,FCC standards.
FCC Part 15:suitable for wireless router,bluetooth etc.
FCC Part 22 & Part 24:suitable for mobile products
FCC Part 74:suitable for wireless walkie-talkie etc.
FCC Part95:suitable for high-power walkie-talkies etc.
Fifth,FCC application steps.
1.Complete FCC application form,conclude a testing contract.
2.Provide information and samples to laboratory and obtain test data.
3.Submit information and test data to FCC after passing the test.
4.Obtain FCC certificate after passing assessment.
5.Use FCC mark.
Sixth,required information.
1.Product instruction manuals(including product features,working frequency,radio technology etc.)
2.Circuit diagram (including functional block diagram)
4.Authorization letter
5.Confidentiality letter
6.FRN No.(customers register it at FCC website)