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CB certification test

What is CB test?
CB system is a set of global mutual recognised system,established by IECEE,there are 34 countries and 45 certified organizations around the world participating in this system.IEC member states and NCB authorized laboratory recognise the test report mutually.
For the manufacturer,obtaining the CB certificate and CB report in principle can save the application time and cost of other certificates.For example,a manufacturer already obtained CB certificate,it just needs a small amount of additional costs if it applies for GS,CCEE,BSI certificates,without additional testing fee.
What is CB certificate and report?
This certificate is unified by IECEE and CCB,issued by recognised certified organizations,
together with test report to notify the other national certified organizations that one or more samples of some electrical product have been already tested according to CEE standards,and the samples comply with the relevant standards.
CB certificate is only effective when test report attached.Test report shall include test results in accordance with the relevant standards,also include test results in accordance with the declared national differences,if necessary.CB certificate shall not be used for any form of advertising or sales promotion,but the holders can mention the certificate between their business communication.As of July 1992,CB had 30 member states in total,they were Austria,Australia,Belgium, Switzerland, Canada,China,Czech,Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Finland,Britain,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Israel,India,Iceland,Italy,Japan,Korea,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Sweden,Singapore,the Soviet Union,Yugoslavia,America.
When these 30 member states applied to participate in IECEE-CCB to become CB member states,they should declare that they recognise the IEC standards adopted by IECEE,and explain the national differences if they have.At present,there are two national differences:
Y----means the differences between their own national standards
C----means group differences
R----means no difference
If the following conditions happened,the certified organizations may revoke CB certificate:
●Abuse of certificate
●Certificate is issued incorrectly
●Products are no longer consistent with the sample description in the test report
●Certificate holder require to revoke
When a CB certificate is revoked,certified organization must inform CCB secretary and indicate the reason for revoking as soon as possible.In terms of revoking of a CB certificate,CCB secretary must inform the manufacturer and certified organization,and indicate the reason for revoking.Each certified organization from member states can decide whether they should withdraw the CB certificate on the basis of CB test made by national certified bodies or approved organizations.
Why to apply for CB certificate and report?
Obtaining CB certificate is helpful for the enterprise to export.Electro technical products used in home,office,workshop,and similar place are directly related to personal safety,this kind of product is forced to get CB certificate in some countries,only after the manufacturers obtain the qualified certificate of the countries,the products can be exported into their countries and sold on their market.Even in countries without mandatory,the customers are willing to buy the products with certification mark,in view of their own safety.
Therefore,big department stores only sell certified products,and the selling prices are higher than the uncertified products.As we sell electric tools to Hong Kong businessman,the unit price of certified tools is $2 higher than the uncertified ones.Certified products can guarantee personal safety of users,easy to sell and the price is much higher,besides,enterprises selling uncertified products would bear the risk of compensating for loss.Once it is judged that the products cause  personal or property loss to consumers, enterprises have the responsibility of compensation.This kind of accident would have adverse consequences for our country in the international market.This kind of product is difficult to find customers in international trade.Therefore,it caused not only economic loss,but also credibility loss.
How to obtain qualified certificate of importer?
There are two kinds of procedures can be used to obtain the certificate.First,if the products already have CB certificate,apply to importer for their country`s qualified certificate by using CB certificate attached CB test report.Second,If the products don`t have CB certificate,apply to importer for their country`s qualified certificate directly.If applicants use the second procedure,they first have to send samples to the importer appointed certified organization for testing,and pay the test costs.
After passing the sampling test,the national certified organization will send inspectors or entrust our testing station to audit the applicants` quality assurance ability,if the audition is qualified,the applicants can obtain the qualified certificate,and use the mark.If applicants use the first procedure,the applicants only need to send the CB certificate and CB test report to the appointed certified organization,don`t need to send samples or just send individual sample for reviewing,then the applicants can obtain the qualified certificate and use the mark after passing the audition.
Compared these two procedures,we can know that the first one is much easier and cheaper than the second one.Our country obtained the CB certificate issued by CCEE,so it`ll be economic and timesaving for us to apply to the CB member states for qualified certificate issued by their certified organization.

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