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Electro Magnetic Compatibility

NTC`s EMC department has a group of experienced professional technical personnel.Relying on 
international first-class professional equipment and attitude of purpose and excellence, they provide customers with fair,accurate and efficient service.
At present,EMC testing laboratory has a 3m anechoic or semi anechoic 966 chamber and 743 Conducted / Power Clamp Test,which completely accord to ANSI C63.4,EN50147,CISPR16 and GB/T6113 etc. international and domestic regulations,can carry out 9kHz-40GHz radiation disturbance,9KHz-30MHz conduction disturbance,magnetic emission and 30MHz-300MHz radiated power test.NTC also has a perfect anti-jamming EMS testing laboratory.

Laboratory Introduction
★Standard 9mx6mx6m anechoic or semi anechoic chamber,frequency range 9KHz-40GHz, in accordance with the requirements of CISPR 16-1-4,EN50147-1/-2,ANSI C63.4,can provide 9KHz-40GHz frequency range radiation harassment testing for all kinds of electronic and electrical products,and 80MHz-6GHz frequency range radiated susceptibility.
★Germany Rhodes and Schwartz TS9975 EMI testing system,main testing equipment and instrument are as follows:
 R&S ESU test receiver(frequency range 20Hz — 8.0GHz),different kinds of EMI test antenna,signal preamplifier(9KHz-26GHz),all kinds of power supply network and communications terminal test network,CISPR 25 automotive electronics test accessories,all kinds of voltage and current probes,power radiation testing equipment and so on.
It satisfies RE Test,Power Clamp Test,Conducted Emission Test,and Spurious Test standards of automotive electronics products,audiovisual products,IT products,home appliances,engineering and medical products,lighting device and RF products .
★RF microwave test equipment,main testing equipment and instruments include:R&S FSU frequency analyzer(frequency range 0Hz — 26GHz),R&S vector microwave signal generator,radio-frequency filter,radio-frequency attenuator,radio-frequency power meters etc.We can provide customers with FCC ID,IC,R&TTE,C-TICK,JRL,SRRC,NCC etc. RF conformance test and certification for all kinds of wireless products.
★EMS testing system,main testing equipment and instruments include:ESD immunity test equipment,surge immunity test equipment,electrical impulse immunity test equipment,voltage dip and interruption immunity test equipment,conduction harassment immunity test equipment,radiofrequency radiation harassment immunity test equipment,power frequency magnetic field immunity test equipment.

检测项目 Test items 参考标准 Reference Standards
Radiated emissions test(9KHz-40GHz)
CISPR 16-1-1; CISPR 16-1-4; CISPR 16-2-3; ANSI C63.4; ANSI C63.10; GB/T6113.101; GB/T6113.104;
GB/T 6113.203
Conducted disturbance test
CISPR 16-1-1; CISPR16-1-2; CISPR 16-2-1; ANSI C63.4; ANSI C63.10; GB/T6113.101; GB/T6113.102; GB/T6113.201
Disturbance power test
CISPR 16-1-1; CISPR 16-1-3;CISPR 16-2-2; GB/T6113.101; GB/T6113.103; GB/T6113.202
静电放电抗扰度 ESD test IEC61000-4-2; EN61000-4-2; GB/T17626.2
电快速瞬变脉冲群抗扰度 EFT/B test IEC61000-4-4; EN61000-4-4; GB/T17626.4
浪涌(冲击)抗扰度 Surge test IEC61000-4-5; EN61000-4-5; GB/T17626.5
Immunity to Conducted disturbances test
IEC61000-4-6; EN61000-4-6; GB/T17626.6
Power frequency magnetic field immunity test
IEC61000-4-8; EN61000-4-8; GB/T17626.8
电压暂降、短时中断和电压变化抗扰度(Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity test IEC61000-4-11; EN61000-4-11; GB/T17626.11
Harmonic Current test
IEC61000-3-2; EN61000-3-2; GB/T17625.1
Voltage Changes, Voltage Fluctuatuions and Flicker test
IEC61000-3-3;EN61000-3-3; GB/T17625.2
电磁兼容检测产品范围和标准  EMC testing product scope and standards
ISM Device
CISPR 11; EN55011; GB4824; FCC Part 18; IEC/EN61326
(Audio and Video device
CISPR13; EN55013; EN55020; FCC Part 15; GB13837
(Household device)
CISPR 14; EN55015; FCC Part 15; FCC Part 18; GB4343
(Lighting device)
CISPR 15; EN55015; FCC Part 18; IEC61547; EN61547;GB17743
(ITE device)
CISPR22; EN55022; CISPR 24; EN55024; FCC Part 15; ICES-003; GB9254; GB/T17618
(Wireless device)
FCC PART 15; EN 301 489 系列
(Vehicles device)
CISPR 25; EN55025; GB18655

Safety Test