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Drive power supply

Xin Sifang test (NTC) is a professional testing service provider dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese enterprises. It is a professional lighting testing service provider. We can provide safety regulations, energy efficiency tests and certification services to help your LED drive power supply in line with standard requirements such as North America, EU and other standards, gain market access, and increase market competitiveness.
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According to regulatory requirements, standard requirements and your specific requirements, we can provide a comprehensive fast testing and certification service for your LED drive power products. LED lighting is gradually replacing the traditional light source. The popularization of LED lighting is advancing at an unprecedented speed, and the certification of LED lighting products is becoming more and more important. It In order to step onto the world stage and seize the international market, China's LED products must overcome the restrictions imposed by various countries on testing and standards. We provide safety, energy efficiency testing and certification services for lighting products for household, commercial and household use. The certification services we provide include: UL authentication, ETL authentication, CSA authentication, energy star authentication, DLC, FCC authentication, ICES authentication, CE authentication, ErP test, CB authentication, GS authentication, TUV authentication, VDE authentication, authentication, certification, certification, and authentication.
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Test range: LED drives UL safety test, IEC/EN safety test and GB safety test. LED drive performance test: cold and hot impact, high temperature aging, low temperature storage, noise test. LED drives FCC test and EMC EMC test. More...........